Get everything you need DONE FOR YOU with EXPERT Strategy, Message Clarity, Production and Promotion - All in ONE place so you explode your business and results.


If you've got a message, product, service or brand that you’ve been wanting or trying to share with the world in the most impactful and results-oriented way, you've probably realized by now that there's a lot more to what it takes than simply running from training to training or service to service to try and figure it out.

There are so many elements that need to be put into place in the RIGHT way to make maximum impact...and maybe you've tried to decipher it all yourself or attempted to get it done where you could - but you only got a piece of it handled here or there, and haven’t had it all come together to get the results you know you want and deserve.

Fact is, there are FOUR PILLARS you absolutely MUST have all play together to be able to be positioned at the top of your industry and have the level of success & abundance you want so you Get Clear, Get Seen and Get Results.



STRATEGYSTRATEGY: Strategy that leverages any & all exposure you may get so it leads to clients choosing to work with YOU.



MessagingMESSAGE: Crystal clear clarity on your message that connects and instantly calls your potential clients into the action you want them to take.



Process-videoMEDIA: Main Banner Video (Photos & Media Kit, too!) that acts as your Calling Card & speaks volumes for you, positioning you in credibility, professionalism and magnetizes high-end clients



video-editorsMASSES: Effectively get yourself in front of the audience you want so you have business coming to YOU

When you add all of these together, you connect the dots in the right way and leave no gaps so that you can have an abundance of clients YOU get to choose from and play at the top of your game (even, potentially right away).

If you've been trying to do all those things yourself, you realize how expensive, fragmented, confusing, and time-consuming it can be - and the truth is, it's probably STILL not getting all done, is it?

(or maybe not getting done in the way that gets the REAL results you want)


EXAMPLES of Branding, Messaging, Strategy and Media creating Success>

Before and After DW STARR (Created Branded Process, Shifted his branding, target messaged, mapped out his offerings and shot the Videos to support it):
more of his story click here

AUDRA ERWIN - Left Corporate to become successful Life Coach – See her Message brought to life:

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Attorney and Best-selling Author, Robert Pafundi (created series of these kind of Video Insights, mapped out with him to position him for his business & help promote)
more of his story click here

Gloria S Chan, HIgh I.M.P.A.C.T. Leadership (helped create signature program and Branded Process, plus all media to support it):
more of her story click here

Marilyn Santiago, brand (created with and for her through our process):
more of her story click here

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Time to GET IT DONE FOR YOU (and done right) once and for all.

Launch You Now is a "Done for You" Messaging, Media and Marketing Service that handles the essential aspects you need of launching you successfully into the marketplace (whether you’re just starting out or ready to go to the highest level) so that you can focus on sharing your genius with the world while reaping the level of business you want, and leave the rest to our expert team.

Ready to have all the crucial elements you need handled in ONE PLACE, so you save time and money and have it all work together for you in the most efficient, effective and accelerated way?