Launch You Now Team

Lynn Rose is the Go-To Expert on Speaking that WOWs and Celebrity Trainer for Media. As a TV & Radio Host and Singer/Speaker she’s been seen by millions around the globe, while also working feverishly behind the scenes of many a major production. Founder of “The WOW Factor” and co-founder of “Launch You Now”, Lynn’s trainings and coaching have been experienced and endorsed by billion dollar CEO’s, world class speakers, celebrities,
top professionals and leaders in the personal growth industry, to those just starting out.

Bob Doyle is a 7-figure Internet marketer with 30+ years of media experience in radio, television, and online media of various arenas. As one of the featured experts in the film “The Secret”, Bob knows the power of connecting people to their sense of passion and purpose to create maximum impact, as well as personal prosperity! Bob brings his unique skills in media, behind and in front of the scenes, along with his personal coaching to the Launch You Now Process.

Lisa Rothstein – Lisa Rothstein is former Madison Avenue copywriter and creative director, who has written award-winning TV commercials, print and radio ads for brands such as IBM, Hanes, Bacardi, Johnson & Johnson and other Fortune 500 companies that have appeared in 18 countries. She is now a coach & consultant specializing in helping multi-talented creative entrepreneurs create success online and off in their businesses and their lives.

Hollywood and High Level Web Marketing Producers – We can’t give away a secret ingredient for our special approach that elevates you to catapulted credibility, instant response and success but we CAN tell you they’ve worked with Celebrity Leaders in the Marketing Industry and High Level Productions and are at your full disposal to create and produce just the right product/s for you!

Make-Up Artists – We have a team or make-up artists we turn to, or our very own in-house make-up artist with decades of experience in the entertainment business to make you look your very best!

Marketing Team – We employ specifically trained team whose only focus is to blast you out on the internet to thousands of video sites and place you in countless blogs and strategies of exposure so that you leverage what we create with you and have targeted traffic coming to you.