The Launch You Now Process

So what exactly happens when you become a Launch You Now client (besides your life immediately changing as a result of being positioned as the Go-To Expert in your field)?

Here’s a basic walkthrough of our Process.

You’ll see that we leave no stone unturned to be sure to provide you with a great personal and professional COMPLETE experience, while positioning you as a leading expert with not only top-notch professional materials like a calling-card video that will knock everyone’s socks off, and a media kit that attracts countless opportunities for exposure, and ALSO allows you to have a personal transformational experience that brings you into your sense of power, passion, and purpose like never before!

1. It all starts with the Breakthrough Session.

skypeThis important connection call allows us to get to get a taste of what you and the vision for your business are all about. Not clear on how to best articulate your vision? Not really even SURE what your vision may be? No problem! That’s we’re here for!

Whether or not you decide to work with us, you’ll leave our call with you with a new level of clarity, and action steps you can immediately take to bring you closer to bringing your message, product, brand or service to the world in a way that will make powerful, lasting and abundant impact.

Of course, I believe that after our conversation, you’ll be chomping at the bit to get started with us…which leads us to the next step in the process…

2. We craft an intelligent strategy for your launch.

This means that everything we do with you has a strategic purpose – and that purpose is in alignment with your long-term goals and guides you to not just build a list, attract high-end clients and get massive response but also to monetize!

Creating your video, photos and media kits are just an incremental part of the process!

Yes, we produce an amazing, industry cutting-edge video that stands out and acts as your calling card to do the work for you, and that ever so essential professional media kit, while providing you with an entire portfolio of professional photos, and promoting you to our databases. But most importantly, we are all about STRATEGY and exactly what YOU need to do to generate the response you want.

We are about finding out what the ultimate design of your business and goals are, and creating a strategy that helps you realize those goals as quickly as possible. That means making intelligent decisions about every aspect of what we do together.

Do you want to build your email list? Do you want to sell a product? Fill a coaching program? Become a speaker? Get Media Exposure? Grow your Business?

If you’re VIP, we’ll map out all your programs, offerings and help brand your entire process.

Whatever your true dream is, THAT’S what we focus on making happen! (and it can incorporate ALL of it, as so many of our clients have attested to)

3. Crystal Clear Messaging

The next step in the process is getting crystal-clear clarity on your message: We drill down deep with you to draw out exactly how you need to communicate as concisely and powerfully as possible what you’re about and why people should work with you…or buy your programs, etc.

This is the part MOST people want to rush through when they start out but its actually one of the most key points!

It’s NOT enough to just throw up some web page and video with a generic description (or worse, a rambling description) of what you do or some basic job of how you deliver it.

This will NOT illicit the response you want from a visitor that has very little time, and wants to know in SECONDS why YOU are the only logical choice for them.

This generally takes a deeper and expert inquisition than most companies are willing to have. And what we’ve found is that no matter how brilliant you are at messaging for other people you can’t find the right message for yourself (we even paid experts thousands of dollars to help US with our own messaging). Truly, when you’re ‘inside the jar, its hard to see the outside of the label”.

But we are absolutely committed to your visitors and clients knowing who you REALLY are and what you can REALLY make happen (no more ‘best kept secret’).

We go to great lengths to make sure your message communicates the truly authentic you – so that you stand out above a sea of other “experts” who follow some kind of template that makes them sound like everybody else.

How do we accomplish this?

We spend quality time with you via Skype (or phone) and have a true heartfelt conversation with you, guiding you through our unique inquiry process that quickly and accurately brings out the message you MOST want to share.

If this step isn’t done properly, you’ll miss the mark for sure. That’s why we make sure we’re there to nail down what you’re about, your unique identifier and what to say to grab your potential clients and turn them into raving fans.

4. We outline and write your video script (or scripts!)

Now that we’re clear on your message, we connect you with our Madison Avenue copywriter and go-to internet marketing copywriter, the same woman who came up with the famous slogans and ad campaigns for Hanes, American Express and more. Now is YOUR chance to have a personal one on one with her to help her craft the a script that assures maximum impact and conversion, all based on what we discussed in our initial conversation.

What you end up with is a compelling script that will create a video that people will watch and lead to them taking the action that you want them to take! That’s the bottom line, right? Get your visitors to do what you want them to do!

We also help map out your bullet points for your Video Product and various video series, including writing your intros and outros so that you have a cohesive brand that’s YOURS with strong connection and strong calls to action.

5. Studio Day!

With your script in hand and strategy in place, it’s time to start creating this mind-blowing media that is going to position you at the top of your game!

But we don’t just throw you in front of the camera and say “GO!”


First we provide wardrobe consulting and professional make-up for you

Then, once you come into our studio we are committed you’ll shine at your best beyond what you ever thought possible!


So we coach you every step of the way to make sure your true essence shines through and you make that all important connection and charisma on camera.


No matter how uncomfortable you may THINK you are in front of the camera, after working with us, you’ll be having a BLAST…being yourself, and communicating in an amazingly impactful way.

And if you’re one of our VIP clients, we don’t stop with just the one video. We’ll film an entire video series, a video product that you can sell, in-depth interviews, or whatever other projects we feel will ultimately serve you the best!

We’ll also take a series of still photographs for use in print, web, or other media…AND the Online Media Kit that we’ll also produce for you!






6. We professionally produce your media so you look like a total Superstar!

Our video editors will produce a video that will absolutely knock your socks off…AND move your web site visitors into massive action!

We know exactly the elements your video needs to get the results you want.

Not just the right message and delivery but the right music…dual graphics to keep them engaged…HD quality…TV ready…everything you need.

Because it’s not just enough to have a great looking, professional video that’s head and shoulders above everyone else –You want every element of it to have been designed strategically so that it does the work for you as your calling card.

Have the messaging lasered in on, have your delivery perfect and engaging (and coached to where you need it to be, that you may not even have been aware of – and most studios, no less on your own, don’t know how to TRULY coach you to come to life as you need to and MUST, on camera to make it work)

And you’ve got to keep your viewer engaged to the end…leaving them compelled to act upon what you share.

With everything we do, that’s what we accomplish for you.


Then we produce your online media kit with all the key elements that media outlets are looking for…
your bio, your photos, interviews you’ve done, articles or books you’ve written, interview questions, speaking topics…all in one place just a click away!

This is exactly what the media is looking for…and it’s all a part of the Launch You Now package!




It all starts with your Success Session. YOU have to take that first step and book it now with us. The time to create your ultimate success is NOW…

So what are you waiting for?

Get your Success Session, get clarity and direction and, if you’re ready to take the full leap, let’s Launch You Now!

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