Client Results

We could go on and on about all the services that we provide to you as a Launch You Now client (and in fact, we DO on this page , but when it comes down to it, only ONE thing should matter: RESULTS.

You can have the slickest video on the planet, but if it doesn’t result in sales, more influence, and positioning you as a top expert, then what’s the point?

We are extremely proud to say that our clients through Launch You Now have experienced profound Game-Changing results.

Check out a few examples:

DW Starr
Change and Business Growth Consultant

DW’s story: DW Starr for 30 years has been a top million dollar producer at his company. He’s consulted Fortune 500 companies through the years with his expertise around handling change and keeping companies and their teams engaged in the process.

He is brilliant at business but couldn’t figure out how to market himself properly and had resorted to gimmicks as part of his brand which lessened his credibility and diffused his message.

He dressed up as a doctor and called himself ‘Doctor of Change” and even said he was curing “DUMAR disease” which stood for “Downsizing, Underwriting,…” and the rest of the associated letters in the acronym. Left folks confused and certainly not able to remember what he referred to.

Issue? No one took him seriously and his message wasn’t clear.

So we did a major Re-brand – no “DUMAR” – now it became “5 STARR Process” and was a clear process for step by step how you handle change and what pillars to stay aware of. We organized his programs, his offerings, his branded process and created the videos to go with that.

Now he has a whole suite of posiitioning videos that draw traffic, create instant credibility, demonstrate expertise and list-building strategy and has product to sell so he monetizes right away.

He also recently showed just his Calling Card Video – the main video that messages who he is and what he does – as seen in a sample here).

From that he was requested to have that video used as an intro for many different Fortune 500 companies around the importance of handling change.

Doors are being flung open for him now for speaking opportunities and consulting – and that’s without his new site even being completed yet.

Same gentleman, same brilliance but NOW it translates and does so for him POWERFULLY.

Gloria S Chan
High I.M.P.A.C.T. Leadership Consultant

Gloria’s story: Gloria had worked as Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Cuacus, worked with non-profits and universities and also wanted to be a life coach.

At first glance she seemed all over the map and how do you package her so she can serve all the different sectors she wanted to serve, while also being positioned professionally and at high level? How could she speak to different markets at once? Nonfprofit, Universities, Government and Corporate?

We put her approach and expertise under one umbrella for what is the basis to creating the success and change needed for an organization, regardless of industry. Core Principles organized under “The High I.M.P.A.C.T. Principle” and process.

We featured her qualifications up top and positioned her with this video.

From that alone, she was able to get significant contracts with both the government and major universities out of what was created with her new cohesive approach.

Her business is solid now, with solid branded process and signature program that is her own and positioned to translate across these different sectors.

Audra Erwin – <<< Image for “Case Studies – Audra” >>>

Audra came to us full of life, enthusiasm and huge dreams but also much frustration.

She, like so many, had gone from training to training and taken program after program to find out how she could transition from her corporate job to the freedom of running her own business and be a part of other’s transformation through her coaching. She’d had a book inside her that she’d carried around for 5 years but never given full focus to because she was too busy, didn’t know how and couldn’t quite connect the dots to make it real and an actionable item.

She had left her job a year before to fully focus on her practice when she came to us but had been having trouble getting people into her coaching, though those she DID coach were receiving amazing results.

As we consulted her, we told her to not wait till her book was done but rather, came up with a strategy that would drive people from her home page into opting in for her free video series and have that lead in to a 30 Day Program she’d offer people based on her book.

She hadn’t even finished writing the book yet but we illustrated how she could use the leading of that program as a way to work the principles from her book and flesh out what works and what doesn’t even more, while gaining testimonials in the process.

She wept with joy at realizing she was FINALLY going to honor her vision of making that book and her idealized work a reality.

Once we’d crafted the messaging for her Main Banner Video and produced her 5 part Video Series she cried all the more as she saw how she now was positioned to play in the Big Leagues and could see her brilliance brought to light (as she has such an engaging personality and passion for what her path has been and what she knows she can bring to people).

She’s the prime example of how you need to not wait but instead take that leap and find your clarity and direction along the way or otherwise you might spend years drifiting and wandering, scattered while trying to figure it out, versus getting the dots connected in a way that leads you right where you’ve always wanted to go >

And those just scratch the surface.

Robert’s story: Robert is a celebrated entertainment lawyer in Hollywood, specializing in representing child actors. He’d had a famous case he’d won some years back that had hiim wish to create a handbook for parents of child actors so that they can know what they need to do to protect themselves in this cut-throat business – and, also, would position him as the ultimate authority so some parents may choose HIM to represent their child as their entertainment lawyer.

We knew we needed to create a series of expert videos that share nuggets of his expertise and advice – some were drawing straight out of his book, others were sharing a story that painted a picture of what’s possible and some were more positioning himself by sharing his own story.

These are what we call “Video Insights” and when you populate Social Media with them, include them on your media kit (which we also created for him), and have housed on your site, you uplevel your SEO rank, you draw your target market to you and you’re like a magnet for media around your topic.

We mapped out with him to position him for his business & help promote and upon completion, he was booked for all sorts of media and continues to leverage his videos for an ongoingly thriving business now.

Side note – his book that was launched with these videos became a Bestseller as a result as well!

Kerry Tepedino

Kerry went from struggling for years to fill her coaching program, to, after getting her messaging and media done in the strategic way with us, instantly filling her coaching program, getting high- end clients she’d been looking for, and even getting an offer to be seen for a TV Host position on a major network!

Arsen Marsoobian

Arsen Marsoobian came to us at 77 years old.

He was writing a book, sold insurance and also sold healthy chocolate on the side. He says “WHICH one should I focus on?” We said “leverage your future book” – which was about ageless attitude – and, HE was an authentic living example of that. We wanted him to draw people in with that and then lead them to whatever other offerings he may want.

As we worked with Arsen, we found he needed to be coached on camera as he was trying to be like a typical speaker and put on that ‘watch me be an expert’ voice.

So we got him to be his vivacious, friendly self instead of being so serious and we were able to bring his message and his essence to life.

Now, we’d just shared his video hot off the press, hadn’t even gotten him set up yet or promoted – and his friend is on a golf course with another friend, whips out a smartphone and plays it. Right on the spot that gentleman wants to contact Arsen and ends up offering him a bulk pre-sell order of books and an endorsement deal!

All just from having the RIGHT message and focus and, the magnetic way he connected on that video.

He hadn’t even finished writing his book yet – he didn’t even have a site yet! and yet he got THAT kind of response.

This demonstrates what’s possible when you KNOW what your message is and how to communicate it so it instantly connects while being positioned with that one strategic main Video as your Calling Card.

Arsen’s now been seen for a number of various TV shows on major networks and speaking around the country. He’s already on his second book now and about to be 79.

It’s NEVER too late, folks!

Joanna Ashley

JoAnna was a housewife in her 20‘s and a stay-at-home mother to two babies, and wife to her hard-working husband with a blue-collar job.

She’d developed a unique healing modality that she wanted to launch as her legacy. She didn’t know marketing or the first thing to do, but was willing to learn and get help.

She came to my partner Bob Doyle and me and we did for her what we urge you to do for yourself.

First we helped craft her message as its not enough to just spout out what you do – you must be clear, concise and speak right into the listening of your ideal market.

We professionally produced her Main Video so she’d create instant credibility and be positioned as media and industry ready and have it act like her calling card so it does the work for her. Then we got her in front of the right people and with proper strategy in place her materials were able to capture leads and guide them to doing paid work with her – so she monetized right away.

Because of having all of this in the way you need, she skyrocketed!

She filled her newly created paid program right away, she got positioned fast as a leading expert and in no time was being interviewed by top leaders in our industry.

Now, literally only months later, she’s shared with us that she is now on track to having her husband quit his blue collar job by the end of this year, so that he can be a stay at home dad and SHE can be the breadwinner while staying at home with her family.

Talk about Life-Changing!

So it doesn’t matter where you are, whether you’re starting out or wanting to expand and grow your business, that’s possible for YOU!

Karen Sorbo << Image for “Case Studies – Karen” >>>

Karen is America’s #1 Female Fundraising Auctioneer and came to us to get a brand that captured her real spirit, her authentic story and demonstrated the result she’s able to bring to fundraising events, raising more money than any other auctioneers due to her star style. She’d been in the business for years but hadn’t gotten to the full level she’d wanted.

Get this, within 24 hours of her video being released – even before it getting placed on her site! – she got booked for a $5000 booking off of the video AND was offered to be seen as the Host for a new NBC show (which she ended up getting!). The POWER of being prepared and ready and positioned properly!


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